Robotech/Mospeada – “Stranger Love” – A Video Mood Board

Robotech/Mospeada – “Stranger Love” – A Video Mood Board

Mood Board: an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

Singer Ollie Wride is by far the best candidate to be the singing voice of Yellow Dancer should a live action Robotech film ever be made. His song “Stranger Love” with Sunglasses Kid (released in March 2020) inspired us to create this video mood board to help illustrate just how well his voice and music fits the vibe of both Robotech’s New Generation and Yellow Dancer/Lancer himself. No copyright infringement intended – if anything, we’re trying to promote both Ollie Wride/Sunglasses Kid and Robotech together. We think this will be a match made in heaven. Definitely support Ollie Wride, FM-84, and The Sunglasses Kid – their music is phenomenal, and retro-futuristic.

Last but not least, highly unlikely love is a core theme in Robotech, and the main couple you see here is the union between a human (the androgynous singer-soldier Lancer/Yellow Dancer) and an Invid named Sera (she’s a humanoid version of her species). Naturally, they were fighting on opposite sides of the Third Robotech War before falling in love. “Stranger Love.”


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